Forum Graduates Only

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We appreciate you attending The Forum Academy and hope you loved your time with us. Our goal with each and every student is to help them succeed to the best of their abilities in whichever field of cosmetology they choose to make their profession. It matters a great deal to us that we set you on that path.

Your feedback in this Alumni Follow Up Survey will help us continue to serve our students well. We would appreciate you taking the time to fill it out and we would love to hear your success story as well.

1. The Forum Academy is a Cosmetology School dedicated to the educations of students seeking a career in the beauty industry. our goal is to produce exceptional professionals in the Cosmetology industry. The Forum offers a comprehensive course in Cosmetology and basic Aesthetics that meet industry standards, taught in a reliable, secure environment. Owned by industry professionals, the Forum encourages attitudes of success and professionalism in our students through extensive personalized training, feedback, and guidance. Ever aspect of our program, form the facility to the curriculum, is designed to make the students experience a valuable one.Is this mission Statement Current, Effective and Relevant to current industry trends?
Have you taken your State Boards and applied for your license?
Are you planning on working in the field once your State Boards are Passed?