Beautiful woman with healthy skin, gorgeous makeup, lovely eyelashes and eyebrows, luscious lips, and perfectly manicured and polished fingernails.



Lash Lift $35


What are some of the benefits of brow and lash tinting?

    • With lash tinting, you don’t have to wear mascara. Tinting will give your lashes a thicker, more prominent look.


    • With brow tinting, you will get more defined and thicker appearing brows which will help enhance your facial features.


  • Lash and Brow tinting is waterproof, so you can shower, swim, and workout without applying makeup before or after.

Lash Tint $12

Brow Tint $10

Brow Lamination $35



Make-up artist applying makeup on a model at The Forum Academy.


Basic Application $25

PRO Makeup Application $50

(if pro makeup student is available)