Welcome To Utah’s Best Full-Service Cosmetology Academy


Pretty woman with long brown hairOur curriculum meets all of the requirements for licensure under the guidelines of the state of Utah.

While our curriculum satisfies the specific legal requirements to practice in Utah, it is our method of teaching that sets us apart from any other cosmetology academy. 

Students can satisfy the required number of hours at any licensed cosmetology school. However, passing a test and launching a career are two very different things.

Using a number of specialized programs ONLY available at The Forum Academy, we take our students on a journey of discovery and success. Our artistic technique and style programs were developed by ACTUAL PRACTICING COSMETOLOGISTS who have spent decades refining their skills working in salons.

One of the many unique features that sets The Forum Academy apart from other cosmetology schools is that our owners are successful cosmetologists. They possess real-world experience to help students begin their careers with advanced knowledge in the industry. Our staff instructors are real working stylists with many years of experience and they pass on their artistic touch and love for the industry to all Forum students.

With small-class-numbers, we aim to give each student lots of one on one attention. This gives students a greater understanding of cosmetology and plenty of time to practice new skills in a supervised environment. 

We prepare all students to pass their State Board examination. We give all students the foundation to build a successful career and master the art and craft of Cosmetology. We improve personal confidence and experience with exposure to a variety of clients. We go beyond State Board requirements. We aim to provide the most advanced, creative, and comprehensive cosmetology course available.

When we say we provide first-hand experience from the real world, we mean it! For anyone looking for the best cosmetology school in Utah County, look no further than The Forum Academy.

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