Hair & Lash Extensions


Our students are educated by professionals who have specialized in hair extensions and lash extensions for many years.



Female Eye with Long Eyelashes getting Eyelash Extensions.


Full Set (classic) $65

Lash Fill (classic) $45



Image of a hairdresser applying extensions to a client's hair.


Sew In: Hair is sewn onto small, tightly woven braids against the scalp.

Tape-in: Hair is attached to small sections of natural hair using double-sided tape. Our tape-in extensions are all Remy Hair, rated to be the best quality and are true to color.

Bead: Hair is threaded through a bead and tightened at scalp.

Beaded Weft $35 Per Row

Tape-in $35 per 10 sandwiches

Finding the right method for extensions will depend on budget, preference, and hair type. Price will vary greatly based on quality of hair, quantity (for thickness), and length. Remy Human hair is the highest quality hair we know of that anyone can use.


What is Remy Hair? The hair cuticle is preserved instead of stripped like most extensions. All of the hairs run in the same direction maintaining a natural soft, silky texture. Remy Hair provides a natural look that all extensions should have.

The Forum Academy does NOT use any kind of synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is much cheaper and won’t blend or style the way human hair does. Synthetic hair can’t always withstand heat styling and tangles very easily.