Student applying makeup on a model at The Forum Academy.

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How do you know your skin undertone for makeup?

When matching makeup to your skin you need to know if you have an undertone of yellow or pink to pick out a color that matches just perfect. Makeup artists are educated to know this just by looking at you, but how are the rest of us suppose to know? 


Here are a few tips that can help you know what your undertone is and whether to choose a yellow or pink base makeup. Student applying makeup on a model at The Forum Academy.


Stand under a bright light and look at the underside of your forearm. If the veins in your forearm are olive or yellow, your skin has a warm, yellow tone. If they’re bluish purple or blue, you have pink, cool undertones.



Look at the complexion of your skin. If your skin is pale, pinkish red, olive, brown with a pink undertone, or dark brown with blue or red undertones, you need a pink-toned foundation. A yellow-toned foundation complements skin that is tan, brown, dark brown or pale with golden undertones. 


Look at your eye color. People with yellow-toned skin often have green, hazel, amber or golden-brown eyes. If your eyes are dark brown, black, gray or light blue, you probably have pink-toned skin. 


Examine your natural hair color. If your hair is dark brown, black or ash blonde, you may look best with pink-toned foundation. People with black, red, golden brown, reddish brown or strawberry blonde hair typically have yellow-toned skin. 



 Hold up gold and silver jewelry against your skin. If you look better with the silver jewelry, you probably have pink-toned skin. People with yellow-toned skin look better with gold jewelry. 


Think about how you tan. If you tan easily, your skin likely has yellow undertones. If you have trouble tanning and usually burn instead, you probably have pink undertones in your skin.



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