Perms, short for permanent waves, have regained popularity recently as a trendy hair treatment. This technique involves chemically altering the structure of the hair to create long-lasting curls or waves. Perms offer several benefits that contribute to their popularity: Low Maintenance: Permed hair requires less styling and upkeep compared to straight hair. The curls or… Read more »

Summer 2022

We are so excited to announce that we won our 9th year in a row of #1 Beauty School in Utah County. We have worked hard to give our students the best education there is in the state! To schedule a tour of our Academy please fill out the form on our “request info” page… Read more »

How to know your skin undertone

How do you know your skin undertone for makeup? When matching makeup to your skin you need to know if you have an undertone of yellow or pink to pick out a color that matches just perfect. Makeup artists are educated to know this just by looking at you, but how are the rest of… Read more »

Protecting your hair this Summer

  Your hair is exposed to a lot of damaging conditions during the Summer season. With a few tips you can minimize damage to your hair: 1. Protect your hair from UV rays. The most effective way is to wear a hat while in the direct sunlight for long periods of time. Another way is… Read more »

10 FaQs of The Forum Academy

  The Forum Academy  10 FAQS you need to know about us. #1 One of the many unique features that sets The Forum Academy apart from other cosmetology schools is that our owners are successful cosmetologists. They possess real-world experience to help students begin their careers with advanced knowledge in the industry.        #2 We keep… Read more »

New Year, New You!

Top Haircut for 2017! YES it is true! This is the haircut that everyone is talking about! “The Shag” We are excited because we obviously love it here at The Forum Academy. Instyle announced this to be the hottest haircut trend for the year. Actress Chole Grace has it all figured out. We saw this “shag”… Read more »

Winter Makeup and hair

Beauty Trends for Winter 2016   Lips:  Lips this holiday season, a deep red is always a good idea. This year throw something new into your makeup bag. The blackest blackcurrant Lip stick. This deep, dramatic lip is hands down the biggest trend in high fashion for the season.  Skin: Healthy fresh skin has been… Read more »

FALL HAIR Trends & Tips

  This time of year is when most of us are itching for a change with our hair. Most of us want a new bold look. Switching from highlights to lowlights. . . or even an all over darker color! Either way it is time to embrace a new you. Here are a few tips… Read more »

Promote a Healthy Scalp

Promote a Healthy Scalp   Regular scalp massages can promote your scalp health in many ways! Unclogs and removes buildup on the hair follicles prohibiting healthy hair growth Exfoliates the scalp Stimulates hair follicles increasing blood flow and nourishment to the hair. (the hair needs this in order to grow) Massage using stimulation  Relaxing –… Read more »

Love for Balayage

Balayage Takeover The balayage has always been a popular service that has been performed by hairdressers for years. Since the ombre has become a trend the balayage has become the popular choice for those who prefer something a little more natural than an ombre. Some get a little confused when trying to identify the two. … Read more »