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This time of year is when most of us are itching for a change with our hair. Most of us want a new bold look. Switching from highlights to lowlights. . . or even an all over darker color! Either way it is time to embrace a new you. Here are a few tips on changing your hair color for the fall season.


1. Try Low Lights: 

Low lights are a great way to get that darker dimension in your hair without the commitment of coloring all of your hair darker. Low lights are a great way to give the hair a richer, more vibrant look and even fight faded highlights. You can always keep some of your highlights and just add a few low lights to still get that fall season richness but still keep a bit of your lighter locks. 

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2. Consider the Autumn Palette:

There are lots of different colors to color your hair for the Fall. To find a color you like, simply look around, take pictures and talk to your stylists. They know what is going to look good with your hair color and skin coloring. The Autumn Palette tones includes beautiful burnt reds, warm golden tones, chocolate hues and deep browns. A great thing to do is to match your natural hair color and go a few shades darker. Remember upkeep as well when choosing a color. Some colors will require more upkeep depending on your hair color compared to the color you are putting in. 

3. Consider your skin Tone:

Your skin tone plays a huge role in what color will look good on you. Your hair stylist is trained to look at your skin tone and know exactly which tones will look great on you!

4. Go darker Gradually:

Coloring your entire head darker may be tempting but it can be a shocking change. The best way to avoid color regret and ensure healthy locks along the way is to darken gradually. Color your hair one shade darker at each appointment to ensure your new hair color doesn’t look forced or unnatural. Unless you are ready to go darker all at once. ..  then go for it!!


5. Don’t forget about the brows:

Coloring your hair darker means you need the brows to match!! This means you either need to find a new product to fill your brows in with, or you’ll need to tint them to match. For the most natural look, the general rule of thumb is to pick the shade that matches the lightest highlight in your hair. If your brows are naturally very dark then you don’t have to worry about it! 🙂

6. TLC for your hair:

After having your hair lighter for summer your hair has probably become damaged from getting it lightened. When you go dark it is going to show that damage. It will be porous in those spots (most likely your ends) and need more color to cover it. Keep up on your deep conditioners and upkeep of your hair color to keep it looking and feeling beautiful. 

If you have any questions about your new hair color and how to take care of it always ask your stylist