Summer is here!

Summer Time at The Forum Academy This summer we are going to have a different special every week for our clients! To see what our deals are all you have to do is get on our email list! 

Utah Bride and Groom Magazine

White Party 2016 We had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Utah Bride and Groom Magazine White Party Bridal Show at La Caille.  La Caille made the Grand Pavilion look incredible, what a perfect inspiration for their wedding events this season!This party was incredibly beautiful! The Forum Students had so much fun making these ladies… Read more »

Wedding Hair / Makeup Do’s & Don’ts

Bridal Hair & Makeup Your wedding is coming up and you need to decide on your hair and makeup for it. Do you know some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to your hair and makeup? The tips and tricks that may make things  a little easier on your big day? Here are… Read more »

Forum & RevitaLash

RevitaLash The Forum Academy retails RevitaLash!   We are loving the results from using RevitaLash. 100% Easy to Use – 98% Improved Lash Appearance – 98% Healthier Looking Lashes – 98% Stronger Lashes – 95% More Attractive Lashes. Come in and learn more about RevitaLash and give it a try.   

Tutorial of the Week

Half Up Do How many of us have our three or four go to hair styles? Every Monday check our blog for our tutorial of the week. Something to ad to the go to hair style list.  *Try out and tag us in the photo! #theforumacademy

Vote your Opinion on these Hair Trends

    Do you think these Hair Trends should be ROCKED OR LOST THIS YEAR? Grey Hair Trend:     74% of you said Lose It!       Half Shaved Trend:   60% of you said Lose It!                 Men’s Top Knot:   80% of you said… Read more »


MilkShake Haircare Products     Have you tried the MilkShake Haircare yet?   We use it here at The Forum Academy, and we sell it to the public too!   Choose one or our favorites to try first! The Leave In’s are our most popular product out of the Milk Shake Haircare Line. The Leave In is… Read more »


We are excited to welcome our first class of 2016 to The Forum Academy!   We have a lot planned this year to make it a great one for our students. Many fantastic guest artists, photo shoots, the Forum Hair Show, field trips and much more. We look forward to getting to know each and… Read more »

Hair Trends In 2016

Celebration of the INDIVIDUAL   There are a lot of hot new hair trends this year and everyone who wants to keep up with the latest styles needs to know about the looks listed below. For hair trends in 2016, it’s all about rockin’ who you are as an individual. Not just in hair but with makeup, nails and fashion as… Read more »

It’s a New Year at The Forum Academy!

We always get so excited for a new year to start at The Forum Academy! New goals, new ambitions, new friends, new styles, new looks, new success stories, new experiences… it’s all so exciting. 2016 at The Forum Academy is going to be fantastic! We are looking forward to new classes starting, photo shoots coming… Read more »