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Bridal Hair & Makeup

Your wedding is coming up and you need to decide on your hair and makeup for it. Do you know some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to your hair and makeup? The tips and tricks that may make things  a little easier on your big day? Here are a few to help you get prepared!


Have a trial run with your hair and make up around 3 weeks before your big day at least. You can get your hair exactly how you imagined it on your big day before hand so you aren’t trying to on the day of. If you are planning on getting a spray o
n tan make sure you do a trial run with that as well with your makeup so that your makeup artist can match your makeup color accordingly with your coloring. Decide if you like more of a dewy or matte look.

Trials are an excellent way to be sure your makeup last all day as well. 


Wear White

It is great to see your makeup against the white color because most likely that is the color you will be wearing on your big day. If not still wear white during your trial run for your makeup. The pale color against your skin is a good indication of how your makeup will look in natural light when getting photographed. 

Dark Circles

Be sure to correct the dark under your eyes with a professional concealer to not only camouflage your dark circles but it will make your eyes appear brighter!


On the day of your trial makeup bring pictures of what you like. Explain what you like about the makeup. If you say you want your makeup exactly like the picture you brought remember it won’t look the same on you. If you explain details of what you like about the persons makeup in the picture they can translate it so it looks great on your skin tone and will create that similar look. 

Eye LashesWoman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Eyelash Extension

When you are thinking about doing false lashes use individual lashes, such as going to a professional certified lash extensions specialist. This will make your eyes standout instead of a full strip of lashes. 


Make sure you are moisturizing regularly and have your brows shaped. If you do these simple things your makeup will look all the better and fall right into place.

Finishing Touches

Decide if you want highlighting/strobing to give you that extra glow on your cheekbones. 

Before Hair

When you come in to get your styled be sure not to wash your hair within 24 hours before. When your hair is recently washed it is slick and tends to have a hard time staying in an up do or holding a curl. 

Image of a hair stylist inserting hair pins into a model's curled and pulled back hair.