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MilkShake Haircare Products




Have you tried the MilkShake Haircare yet?


We use it here at The Forum Academy, and we sell it to the public too!


Choose one or our favorites to try first! The Leave In’s are our most popular product out of the Milk Shake Haircare Line. The Leave In is a leave in conditioner spray for all hair types. Its milk proteins and fruit extracts maintain the hair’s inner moisture and protects the hair’s outer layer. Mist over mid shaft to the ends of your hair, and especially over damaged areas while hair is still damp after washing. (This is great to detangle as well.) 

My personal favorite is the milkshake “Whipped Cream” foam. It gives hair that smooth, soft and shiny look. Plus it helps dry hair faster! All of us with long thick hair understand that is a pretty big deal.

All of this product line smells just like an actual vanilla milkshake and makes hair smell amazing. You’ll find yourself with thoughts of tasting it!


Woman with long glossy hair


Try it and let us know what you think!!


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