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Celebration of the INDIVIDUAL


There are a lot of hot new hair trends this year and everyone who wants to keep up with the latest styles needs to know about the looks listed below.

For hair trends in 2016, it’s all about rockin’ who you are as an individual. Not just in hair but with makeup, nails and fashion as well.

At The Forum Academy, we know a thing or two about hair, nails, makeup and fashion because we’ve seen a thing or two about hair, nails, makeup and fashion. It’s the world we live in and we love it, follow it and teach it.


The Twisty Bun:

This is a fun hair trend to enhance and prettify a bun. Pull your hair up in a low bun with twists and turns. Then be ready to receive compliments and answer the question “How did you do that?”


wedding-hairstyles-2013-92 hbz-ss2016-beauty-trends-low-bun-jason-wu











Accessories and add ons:

Add ons with jeweled clips, headbands… even tiaras. Accessories and add ons are a hot hair trend this year! Accessory up!













Shag Fringe:

The shag is happenin’ in 2016. It has made a comeback and we couldn’t be more excited about it.













All wrapped up:

Wrap your hair! Use ribbons… bows… headbands…  Just try it and we think you’ll love it.


Adam Selman - Backstage - Spring 2016 MADE Fashion Week



Tied up:

Tight, sleek and simple braids are the way to go this year.





Low Pigtails:

What! Pig tails are back?  Yes, low and close together are the thing to do in 2016. Try it out!













No matter what trends you choose to try this year, make sure they fit who you are as an individual! That is what this year is all about in the beauty and fashion world.

We can cut, style and teach you how to do it all yourself at The Forum Academy. For anyone wanting to learn how to fix their hair with the hottest new hair trends, contact us today!