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Balayage Takeover

The balayage has always been a popular service that has been performed by hairdressers for years. Since the ombre has become a trend the balayage has become the popular choice for those who prefer something a little more natural than an ombre. Some get a little confused when trying to identify the two. 



The pictures on the left represent a full balayage (left) verses a balayage ombre (right) Still has the dark on the top and light on the bottom 







On the right it shows an ombre (left) compared to the ombre balayage we saw above. (right) You can see how the ombre uses multiple colors to create that gradual ombre from dark to light using multiple colors, where performing a balayage you use a lightener in the bottom of our hair with hair painting. 







*If you are thinking about getting one of these color trends performed on you, make sure that you take pictures to your hairdresser. Sometimes a visual is better than trying to explain it.