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From Christmas to New Years, you need some great ideas for your holiday hair, right? Tis the season for holiday parties! Here are some tutorials for you to try this season for whatever mood you are in. 


The vintage romantic waves are making a comeback and are perfect for holiday hair this year! They are easier than they look too! Here are step by step instructions on how to get the look:

  1. Start by using your choice of curling iron size. The bigger the iron, the bigger the wave. 
  2. Curl all your hair in the same direction and spray well with hairspray and let sit.
  3. Once hairspray has set, brush through your hair until you get your desired wave. (bore brush is best)


The loose curls are always great to do. They work for casual and dress attire. 

  1. Wrap small hair strands around your curling iron and pull down slightly when you let them out.
  2. Spray well. 🙂

Half Up:

Criss cross half up is a great way to dress up the average half up hair. You can even go the extra mile and curl it if you really want great holiday hair. 

  1. Gather your hair at your crown only into an elastic in the back. 
  2. Take small strands of hair one side at a time over the elastic to the opposite side and pin with a bobby pin until your desired look is achieved. 

Pony Tail:

Sometimes it’s just easier to throw your hair into a pony tail and this tutorial makes that look good. 🙂

  1. Curl your hair any desired size.
  2. Tease the crown of your hair and smooth the top when you pull back into a high pony tail.
  3. Once you have your curled pony tail, loosely tease and hairspray to keep volume in there. 
  4. Optional: take a small strand from under the ponytail, braid and wrap around the elastic.


Updo’s scare a lot of people away. If it’s not the basic messy or ballet bun they are used to doing all of the time, they get scared. This step by step makes a sleek lovely bun easy to do for awesome holiday hair for anyone who will try.

  1. Bring your hair half up in an elastic. 
  2. Separate the hair that is down into two sections.
  3. Bring one side up to the opposite direction around the bun and pin.
  4. Bring the other side up and around the other side and pin.

Important: make sure these are smooth and brushed out when you bring up so you get the sleek look you desire.


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We hope you all have an amazing Holiday Season with great Holiday Hair!