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Last month we showed off some of our incredible work in the Insphairation Show at The Covey Center in Provo, UT. It was a great experience and the students involved loved it!

10 salons and schools participated in this show and they all had their own theme. Our theme was “The Masquerade.” When we put on a mask, we may show a part of ourselves that we wouldn’t normally when people already know us. With our theme, we had our 6 models have a mask that portrayed what part of themselves they were showing. These masks were either handmade or created with makeup. All of our model’s hair was incorporated to add to the art pieces they displayed. We are so proud of our students and the hard work they put into this show for months!


Our first model was the “light of the party”. She had an actual chandelier on her head wrapped in her hair. This was truly incredible and it looked like a piece of art.

IMG_9542 IMG_00040 IMG_9548


Our second model was “wild.” She had horns that were hand carved by our students and wrapped in hair, an over the top “wild” mohawk, and her own hair incorporated throughout the piece. Her costume was a handmade dress made out of actual hair, ankle boots made out of hair, and makeup that was airbrushed to make her look fierce.

IMG_9550 IMG_00024 IMG_9539


Our third model was “rage.” We created the rage of ocean with a ship and hair that looked like waves. Her mask was hand sculpted and painted by one of our students. Her makeup was airbrushed to look almost like she belonged in the deep dark sea.

IMG_9543 IMG_00065 IMG_9544


Our fourth model was “destroyed.” Her entire body was airbrushed to look as if she were almost dead. Her hair was colored white with dead, burnt flowers.

IMG_9540 IMG_00077 IMG_9555


Our fifth model was “fun.” She was colorful and presented as if she was breaking out of her shell with color bursting through cracks in her body.



Our Sixth model was a “dark romantic.” Using the colors plum along with some black and a little pink, they created a perfect feminine look. Flowers were hand formed out of hair and incorporated within the design. The models mask was hand made out of painted leaves and glitter. The makeup on her body was made to look like vines running up her legs and arms to her head where the flowers bloomed.




Overall the experience was amazing! Our performance exceeded all expectations. We are so proud and thankful to all who helped with this!!