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The Forum Academy is a beauty, hair and nail cosmetology school located in American Fork, Utah with some of the best instructors in the cosmetology field. Offering concurrent enrollment credit to local high school students, The Forum Academy allows students the opportunity to graduate high school with their cosmetology license.

In addition to impeccable location, staff, and educational opportunities, The Forum Academy has much to offer its students and the local community.


Location and Services – The Forum Academy is located in American Fork, approximately 30-40 miles south of Salt Lake City. This location is central to a great deal of northern Utah’s population, which is expected to double in size over the next thirty years. Members of the public of all ages can come into The Forum Academy for hair cuts, hair coloring, hair waves and perms, hair treatments and extensions, makeup applications, eye lash extensions, various nail treatments on fingers and toes, facials, waxing, and tinting on eyelashes and eyebrows.


Staff – The staff at The Forum Academy includes some of the best-of-the-best in the industry. Owners Jef & Tonya Williams and David & Vicki Dorton have excelled as professionals in the beauty, hair and nail industry for over 100 years combined. The couples each worked separately in the beauty industry for 25 years when they decided it would be good for them to work together. It was then that they decided to start The Forum Academy.

Jef runs his own salon in Salt Lake City, called Sequel Salon, and from time-to-time he brings well-known guest artists to The Forum to share their expertise. The students benefit greatly from the opportunity to learn firsthand from some of the best and most popular in the industry, and the kind of training they receive is irreplaceable.

Dr. Terry Sellers runs and oversees master aesthetics at The Forum. These include Botox, HCG, medical weight loss, laser hair removal, and microdermabrasion. He worked as the medical director at Green Valley Spa and Vivace Wellness for many years before joining The Forum Academy in this capacity.

Also on the aesthetics faculty is Gentrie Dorton – a licensed aesthetician who teaches the spa classes and oversees all things aesthetic.


Education – Aside from providing an exceptional education to the students enrolled at the cosmetology school, The Forum strives to provide educational opportunities for prospective students as well. Offering a concurrent enrollment program to local high school students allows those in their junior or senior years of high school to attend part-day public school classes and part-day classes at The Forum Academy. By doing this, they essentially put in enough hours to earn their cosmetology license upon receiving their high school diploma.


High-End Product – The Forum Academy only uses high-end product while teaching students how to be successful cosmetologists. As students learn working with high-quality product via hands-on experiences, the wisdom they gain is much more likely to translate into their professional career as a licensed cosmetologist, aesthetician, or hairstylist. The Forum strives to prepare each student for that.


Reviews – Those who have visited or attended The Forum Academy as students, guest instructors, or parent visitors have had nothing but great things to say. Here are comments some have shared in reviews:

  • “I have taught in schools all over the United States and this school in particular is one of the most gorgeous, interesting, and as close to what to expect of a high end spa when the students get out in the real world. The staff is very caring of the students, very knowledgeable, and set a brilliant environment for students to thrive! Anyone thinking of going into the business I give this place a 5 stars easily!” – Owner of Linden & Co. Salon & Spa in Eureka, CA
  • “The owners of The Forum Academy not only know cosmetology, they know how to successfully operate a salon business. They teach their students all they need to know to be successful in this highly-competitive industry. I have had a business relationship with them for a long time and I have found them to be brilliant with heaps of integrity. I highly recommend The Forum Academy!” – K. Hall
  • “This school far exceeded my expectations. When I completed the required schooling I felt confident that the education I received would help me earn a great income and provide a great career.” – Annemarie Bowen, Former Student
  • “Forum Academy does such a great job at what they do. I had virgin hair and wanted an ombre but was so nervous to do anything to my hair. I got it done here by Shanna Stewart and I absolutely love it! She did such an amazing job. Their biggest priority is to make sure that you love what they’re doing to your hair and they will do whatever it takes till you do! I highly recommend this place! Thank you Forum Academy!” – Mackenzie Farr, happy customer


For anyone looking to begin a career in the beauty, hair and nail industry, learning at The Forum Academy of Cosmetology will prepare them the best. The artistic technique and style programs taught at The Forum were developed by owners and instructors who are actual practicing cosmetologists. They have spent decades refining their skills in high-end spas and salons. Teaching is a pleasure to them, and they love to see their students succeed.